Tuesday 29 September 2020
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Erškėtynas spring and chapel

Erškėtynas spring and chapel Nuotr. Valdonės Žiobakienės

This is an unique sacred place. It is believed that here once existed pagan temple.
On the stone, near spring which is famous for its healing power, for one of Lazdininkai villagers appeared Blessed Virgin Mary in 1926. In the same year here was built a wooden chapel, much larger stone chapel was built in 1930.
The older generation of locals believe that Erškėtynas is sacred. Mostly at Pentecost and other religious holidays, they come here with hope of physical and spiritual healing, soul refreshment.
Erškėtynas repeats Hill of Crosses (Šiauliai region) traditions.

Address: Kadagynai forest
Coordinates: 55.983663, 21.226639

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