Friday 10 July 2020
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4. Kartena hillfort historical-archeological complex

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:03
  • Written by 
4. Kartena hillfort historical-archeological complex Photo from Kretinga district municipality archives

Kartena hillfort stands nearby Minija river. From the top of the hillfort opens spectacular view to the surroundings.
Beside is almost 3 km lenght trail which connects hillfort with Kartena stone and grotto of Abakai.
Kartena stone, named by fairies, cow or devil's foot, has old legends about clothes washing fairies, saldier. Stone has mane natural pits, biggest is called Cow or Devil's foot.
Nearby is Abakai grotto. It was built there by a single man, Kazimieras Navirauskas, who lived there at the beginning of the 20th century. It is said that he had a dream of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. In the place where he saw the Blessed Virgin Mary in his dream, the man built Lourdes, and where he saw Jesus Christ – a cross. The sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary was brought from France, thanks to the church parson of Kartena at that time. According to the tale, the sacred water was brought by Pranas Mačernis from the French Lourdes, and was poured into the well at the bottom of the hill.

Address: Kartena
Coordinates: 55.910163, 21.475663

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