Thursday 28 January 2021
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Kretingos rajono turizmo informacijos centras

logo naujas
Vilniaus g. 2B, Kretinga
Tel. +370 445 73 102
Darbo laikas:
I-V 8.00-17.00
V 8.00-15.45
(Pietų pertrauka 12.00-12.45)
VI 10.00-14.00
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  • Friday, 10 February 2017 08:23
  • Written by 

The main activity of Tourism information centre:

  • Collects, accumulates, prepares and provides free information about tourism services and other tourism resources;
  • Prepares, publishes and distributes information and cartographic editions about tourism services and other tourism resources;
  • Accumulates the represented locality’s tourism resources and tourism services data and provides this information to the Department;
  • Performs other activity, determined in the regulations, related to providing of tourism information services;
  • Accumulates statistic information about the visitors of Tourism information centre and each month delivers the determined form reports to the Department;
  • Gives suggestions to the municipalities, circuits and Department regarding the tourism development.
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